Exploring a city on two wheels is the most fun, environmentally friendly and healthiest way to travel. Cycling with us will help you optimize your time, visit wonderful spots, understand how the city works and get super insider tips from your guide!

Our tours

Historic center tour

Come to the center of Rio de Janeiro and ride with us trough the history of Brazil. Through an agreeable bike ride, we will show and tell you the history of numerous important monuments ranging from the XVIII century to the recently inaugurated Museum of Tomorrow.


Carioca Tour

Ride a bike and be part of the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro! This tour will take you to the most famous beaches of the Wonderful City, the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the traditional neighborhood of Botafogo, the Sugar Loaf and also to discover delicious carioca secrets.


Corcovado Cycling Tour

This bike tour combine the National Park of Tijuca – one of the biggest urban forest in the world, the Dona Marta Belvedere (Mirante Dona Marta), one of the best spot to see the Rio de Janeiro from above and a visit to Christ the Redeemer – one of the 7 wonders of the world.


Tijuca Forest Cycling Tour

Come to bike in one of the largest urban forests in the world! Beyond the fresh air at the forest, discover beautiful Brazil historical routes. Enjoy the breeze, breathtaking scenery, birdsong, monkeys, exotic fauna and flora and much more.


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Who we are



Fernanda Hinke and Cristiane Helena are passionate about Rio de Janeiro and cycling. They believe that bikes will change the world! The future of mobility and tourism is the bike; in addition, bikes offer great benefits for health and the environment.


Together they make the perfect duo: Fernanda is an entrepreneur and Cristiane is a physical educator and a tour guide. The girls worked together in Paris at the tour designed by Fernanda called ‘Midnight in Paris by Bike’ in partnership with the website Conexão Paris. So far they took thousands of Brazilians to ride at night through the City of Light. After five years in Paris and two Master degrees, Cristiane decided to come back home and had no doubt she would continue to get people to ride. Only now, the rides are in the Wonderful City of Rio. Fernanda continues in Paris leading Brazilians in France by bike. However, during the European winter the tours are suspended, so she decide to make Rio de Janeiro her second home now.



The purpose of GoBikeRio is to be a B corporation – a sustainable and green company that, more than just profits, aims to develop local economy including projects with communities. In addition, the bike experiences we propose the tourists allow people to have a more intimate contact with the cities. “We believe that by providing pleasant experiences through cycle-tourism, we are encouraging people to introduce biking in their lives as a means of transportation. We believe that biking democratizes the use of public space and improves quality of life, besides, it’s a sustainable solution to the environmental, energy and urban mobility crises.”



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